A Facebookian Dilemma

I’m thinking about divorcing from the social media overlord . . .

I don’t know why this is a decision I have to put thought into in the first place. I guess that just goes to show that Facebook has entrenched its slimy tentacles into my mind to the point where I think of getting rid of it and immediately face an inner resistance to the idea. That’s pretty sad, actually. I suppose I should tackle it like any other decision: Pros and Cons.

Reasons for leaving Facebook:

1. It’s a time suck. So maybe I don’t spend all day on it, but it’s usually the first or second thing I check every time I open the computer. I always end up scrolling to the last place I left off. It’s mostly pointless, which I guess is another reason itself. Thus . . .

2. 90-95% of it is garbage. Maybe even more on certain days. I don’t care what an acquaintance from high school is having for dinner. I don’t care that someone’s kid is finally potty trained. I don’t care about what happened on The Bachelor. It’s really becoming rare that there is something I want to comment on or that I come across a picture I actually enjoyed seeing.

3. It’s a distraction. I’m really trying to make progress with writing. The rest of the internet in general serves as a distraction from writing as much as I should, but Facebook is certainly one of the main culprits.

4. Sometimes it actually makes me angry, which I suppose is my own problem, but it’s avoidable, pointless anger. Status updates about politics, religion, music, sports, etc., which are purposefully antagonistic/ignorant/or just plain idiotic can, as much as I hate to admit it, get under my skin. I don’t usually take the bait and wind up commenting on them, but I could really do without that in my life.

5. Facebook is full of bugs, the timeline sucks, and my private information is possibly vulnerable despite what my “settings” tell me.

6. There is a small chance that a dark, windowless van will arrive at my house in the middle of the night and several men in black clothing who are well trained in coercion techniques will break in to “convince” us to rejoin. They may even be reading this now.

Reasons for keeping Facebook:

1. It’s a good way to advertise my budding writing career. When I make a post on this blog, I usually link to it from Twitter and Facebook, and I generally get the most hits from Facebook. I’ve also been able to sell some of my stories on Amazon this way. However, if I were to use Facebook only to advertise, I’m sure it would become awfully tiresome to everyone else. Which means I’d have to keep up an active presence, however genuine it may or may not actually be, in order to not appear as a total ass. Hmph.

2. It can be a good way to keep up with people. Of course it wouldn’t have to be the only way, but sometimes it’s nice just to have a super convenient platform to talk to friends, find out about events, and enjoy photos. To be honest, though, the instances which I use Facebook for these purposes is much more infrequent than it used to be. Also, every now and then, someone will post an interesting link that I may not have found (although Twitter is much better for this).

3. I don’t want people to think that I left because I’m just trying to be cool or trendy. I think the reasons I laid out above are pretty practical. I can’t control how people would perceive it, but I hope they wouldn’t think I’m like someone who becomes a vegetarian and suddenly looks down on everyone who still eats meat (disclaimer – I don’t know anyone like that, but I assume they exist).

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice about this?

 Zuckerberg: Assembling a militia?


13 responses to “A Facebookian Dilemma

  1. Number 4 in the second list seems like it belongs in the first…

    But I agree with most of your points… I am SO tired of seeing anti-abortion pix propaganda, and pix of abused animals and people who do nothing but regurgitate lame inspirational sayings. I do not need to see a pic of the gyro you got from some fast food place and then took a bite of. BUT…
    There are quite a few ppl I would never talk to if I was not on FB (especially since I now live 800 miles from my hometown) and FB has enhanced some of the acquaintances I had and turned them into something more like friends.

    • Yes indeed. Did you see our series of tweets? I’m quite happy about it. The food here isn’t bad either. It’s just so cold in this basement. And I’m to the point now where I look forward to the hourly intramuscular injections. I just wish they’d let us go outside.

      • the second i deactivated mine there was a knock on my door… hopefully i can use my phone to let you know where they have taken me….

      • you deactivated? congratulations! see you in the basement in a few hours i suppose. watch out for the cavity search. I had to swallow my phone to sneak it in.

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