The Watery Graves (w/ special appearance by Uzi)

Some tasty tunes from a band I was in.

The Watery graves was, and will always be, Paul Arnold (vocals, guitar) and Dana Stewart (guitar, programmed bass and drums)

“Pact for the Pathetic”

“Jesus and Scratch”

“Help me, Save me” (fun fact: Paul’s brother’s band, Anberlin, used this riff on their song “Dismantle.Repair” and Paul is credited in the liner notes)

This was the one song I sing lead vocals on. You can see why I’m not the singer.

“The Application Process is Just No Fun” (foul language alert)

And here’s a solo effort I wrote and sang (sorry) about my cat, Uzi.

“He Don’t Care”

This is Uzi.

You can’t have him, he’s ours.


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