A Movie List

Although it’s hard to say what kind.

I woke up and for some reason, immediately thought of The Goonies. Oddly enough, when I think of that movie, it’s always one scene that comes to mind. It’s when the boys are just starting their adventure, and they are riding their bikes out to the restaurant, and kind of busting each other’s chops along the way. It’s a crane shot, following them from overhead through the trees. The scene is not particularly important at all, but I know it’s when that Cyndi Lauper song kinda fades out and that creepy Goonies music fades in. It signifies a transition – things just got serious. It got me thinking about other movies and what pops into my head first. So I decided to start writing some of them down, and I came up with this list. It’s pretty much just free association, where I let my mind just wander to the next movie. The only thing I tried to consciously do was be fair to different genres. Sometimes it’s an entire scene, other times just a quote. Some of my favorite movies aren’t even on the list, but whatever. I just thought it was a fun thing to do, and I made it to 100!

goonies – crane shot while they are bike riding

no country for old men – flip a coin life or death

texas chainsaw – bash on the head and slam door

life aquatic – “let me tell you about my boat”

there will be blood – milkshake

bottle rocket – hinkley cold storage robbery

the ring – the first viewing of the video

scarface – chainsaw in shower

shawshank – opera on the loudspeakers

platoon – track of my tears dance

royal tennenbaums – tennis meltdown

sunshine – cillian’s dreamy eyes jk the spacewalk to fix the panel

godfather – at the restaurant where the gun is hidden in the bathroom

misery – when he gets “hobbled”

irreversible – fire extinguisher to face

memento – “i don’t feel drunk”

never-ending story – artax sinks

inception – ellen page meets leo’s wife in the hotel room

jaws – “i had a little drink about an hour ago and it went right to my head”

event horizon – “liberate me”

white men can’t jump – they play king and the duck

the shining – wendy discovers all work and no play

sphere – queen latifah through the jellyfish

clue – tim curry: “either . . . or both”

karate kid – the crane technique

moonrise kingdom – they are discovered in their tent and bill murray runs

ghostbusters – “ray, if someone asks you if you’re a god, you say yes!”

dawn of the dead (new) – andy holds up the blood smear

pan’s labyrinth – the pale man awakens

requiem for a dream – don’t shoot up in that arm

the thing – the blood test

braveheart – “freeeedoooooooom!”

the descent – accidental kill

body snatchers – donald sutherland’s scream

pulse – the slow mo ghost walk

point break – “i’m not gonna paddle to new zealand!”

audition – the bag moves

black swan – red eyes

jacob’s ladder – what is she dancing with?

duel – overheating

2001 – hal sings “daisy”

top gun – val snaps his teeth together

indiana jones and the last crusade – she chooses the wrong cup

american psycho – “do you like phil collins?”

se7en – sloth

the exorcist pt 3 – headless statue out of the elevator

predator – billy cuts himself

terminator 2 – sarah’s nuclear winter dream

shaun of the dead – they try to blend in with the zombies

zombieland – “i saw eddie van halen”

apocalypse now – cow beheaded

it – pennywise in the gutter

back to the future – guitar solo

das boot – they hit bottom

shutter island – death camp dream

die hard – argyle punch

big lebowski – he nails down the board to block the door but it opens the other way

beyond the black rainbow – that thing in the elevator

total recall – arnold’s face exposed to mars

drive – elevator stomp

zoolander – the walk-off

the matrix – neo trains with morpheus

the cell – “where do you come from?”

pitch black – when darkness falls

tombstone – “i’m your huckleberry”

bill & ted – “herman the kid, socrates johnson, dennis freud, bob ghengis khan, dave beethoven, and uh . . . abraham lincoln”

pet sematary – pascow’s ghost

stigmata – patricia arquette speaks in aramaic

house of the devil – goat’s blood

V/H/S – “i like you”

office space – destroying the copy machine

truman show – “in case i don’t see ya . . .”

good will hunting – “how about them apples”

the dark knight – the joker takes a guy’s eye out

cast away – spearfishing

fire in the sky – eye needle

labyrinth – dance magic dance

punch drunk love – when he kicks and shatters the glass door

major league – wesley snipes dance when he finds out he made the team

stand by me – dodging the train

silence of the lambs – when the guy flicks his, um, goo at her in the prison

nightmare of elm street – phone tongue

the fly – those first back whiskers

blair witch – runny nose

american history x – curb stomp

fight club – “his name was robert paulson”

christmas vacation – clark’s pool dream

spaceballs – combing the desert

the lost boys – greasy saxophonist

running man – “sub-zero . . . now . . . plain zero!”

coming to america – soul-glow

ace ventura – genitalia discovery

juice – tupac shoots his friend

rocky IV – training montage

devil’s advocate – pacino’s speech at the end

woman in black – the little girl sees her through the fire

top secret! – skeet surfin’

twilight zone – “wanna see something really scary?”

star trek II – “KHAAAAAAAAN!”


6 responses to “A Movie List

  1. Uh…. I feel like I should copy and paste so I can address each one! LOL. Curb stomp in AHX was hard core, but I think about the end, in the bathroom when Eddie Furlong gets killed.
    Shawn of the Dead- “Don’t say that!” “Say what?” “The ZED word!”
    Stand by me- River Phoenix and puking in the pie contest
    Clue- Tim Curry running high- kneed down the hall

  2. Great idea – won’t go through them all, but thanks for picking up on 3 less than obvious films, Jacob’s Ladder, Fire in the Sky and Punch Drunk Love. Jacob’s Ladder – love all the scenes with Danny Aiello, but particularly when he picks up on Eckhart. “If you’re afraid of dying, and you’re holdin’ on, you’ll see devils tearin’ your life away. But if you’ve made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freein’ you from the world. It all depends on how you look at it.”

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