In Colorado

What exactly is stopping us from moving here?

Wife and I are up in the mountains. It’s quite awesome. We honeymooned at Steamboat Springs back in 2008, and wanted to have another Colorado vacation. Mainly, to really check out seeing if we wanted to move out here or not.

In short: we do.

This is so utterly different than Central Florida, it’s amazing that a different world is only a 4 hour plane ride away.

I love being greeted in the Denver Airport with happy murals, such as this one:


I’m a little apprehensive about driving if it winds up snowing here, which is in the forecast for Friday and Saturday. Going up and down semi-steep gradients was weird enough for me. I’d not like to have to deal with ice as well. Maybe we should have gotten insurance on the Chevy Malibu we rented after all . . .

We are staying in Georgetown. It’s actually where the not-so-great movie version of one of my favorite books was filmed. It’s such a cool little town. Beats Maitland.

The lady that rented us this condo is awesome. She was full of tips and pointers about what to do out here. Plus this place is a great price and right outside our door it looks like this:


The beauty of my wife puts the mountains to shame

How can you beat that?

We knew it was the right place to stay because the lady reminded us so much of my mom in that she really goes out of her way to make sure you are having the best time possible.

Oh, and the condo was stocked with this IMG_0711 and plenty of this IMG_0713

That’s my mom to a T.

Today we are going to tour New Belgium brewery in Fort Collins.

Tomorrow we are going to the Nuggets-Grizzlies game.

Saturday night we are going over to the Snow Daze in Vail to see Wilco, one of my all-time favorite bands.

More updates and pics to follow.


5 responses to “In Colorado

  1. Weeeeelll….if you move there, you’ll be driving in snow a lot, I imagine. Bet you feel safer there than in Florida though. We’re in KY right now. I want to move back home just to be around my family, but other than that, I think I like it better here. Less violent crime, no 695…. BTW, your wife is cute! lol

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