Morgan vs. Jones

Gun control! One World Government! 9/11 Conspiracy! Belligerent arguments! This segment had it all.

First let me just say that I’m not a fan of either of these men. I’ve only seen or heard Alex Jones once or twice in my life, and it always had to do with 9/11 conspiracies. That immediately makes me discount most of what comes out of his mouth. As for Piers Morgan, well I guess I’d heard the name before, but I had no idea who he was. I don’t watch CNN. I don’t even have cable. And if I did, I still doubt I’d be tuning into a show such as his.

I saw Alex Jones trending on Twitter, and I figured I’d look up why. I was linked to this YouTube video where he was on Morgan’s show talking about gun control (among other things – he had difficulty staying on topic). What followed was a train wreck of an interview. I must say that even though I was embarrassed for both fellows, I actually found myself entertained. It’s always fun to see something so uncomfortable happen on live TV.

On one side was a guy who was clearly using his time on a major network not only to speak out on his opinion of gun control, but also to vomit up as much of his agenda as he possibly could. He had no interest in an actual interview or debate. He saw that he had a forum and figured he’d squeeze out as much opinion as he could.

On the other side, the host of the show was faced with probably the most difficult interview segment of his career, and had no idea how to handle it. He did manage to get in a few questions, but they were really weak. All he seemed to want to do was ask Jones about statistics they’d already been over. It was easy to see the point he was trying to make, but against a tornado like Jones, it was useless. Guys like him always have a way to spin any numbers you throw out there at them.

To be fair, Alex Jones made a few decent points, and appeared to have some statistics to back it up (I say “appeared to” because I don’t really care to go to the trouble to fact check him). Both guys accused the other of not addressing their questions, and rightly so because neither did. The thing about Jones, for me at least, is that any truth that he actually uncovers, any valid point that he brings up that may sway an opinion I have, is going to get lost in both his incendiary style and his propensity for assuming everything is a conspiracy. It’s an easy approach for him, because if one or two things he talks about actually proves to be true, it only encourages him further. But even someone playing darts with a blindfold is going to hit the target once in a while – if given enough darts. And Jones seems to have an infinite amount.

It sounds like he does have a kind of main idea for his theories, though. It all boils down to the One-World Government idea. I listen to Coast to Coast AM sometimes, so I’m familiar with the principle. I just have never really understood it. Who benefits from One-World Government? Is it to control the populous? Why do they need one government for that? Can’t an individual country do that on its own? Doesn’t it make it easier to use war propaganda if your country has enemies? Isn’t war a great way to control the population? I just don’t see the advantage, and the motive has never been adequately explained.

Wait . . .

Unless . . .

How blind I’ve been. I can’t believe I never realized it before. I’ll never understand the motive for One-World Government because I’m not one of themIt’s been right in front of my face. I don’t know if I should even post this now. They may find me. No, the word must get out. They cannot win. They will enslave us all. Jones was right. Those who would control us all under one government are not even part of the human race. If you’re reading this now, you must tell others. Make it known. The internet may be our only hope. We must spread the word about the Reptilian Agenda!


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