Lazy or Uninspired?

I can’t get the words on the paper (or screen) lately.

I feel like I have a pretty damn good idea for a novel. I’ve gotten about 1/4 of the way through an outline. I think it will be very enjoyable to write, and I hope that will translate into the story.

I just can’t seem to get going on it.

I haven’t had a problem like this before. It’s not like I’m opening up the document and staring at it. Rather, I’m just not even trying.

It’s true that I came to a place in the outline where I didn’t know the next direction, but that’s never stopped me before with any of the short stories I’ve written. I usually just plow through it and something turns up. Even if I have to delete a bunch of it because I’ve discovered a better idea midway through.

I’ve been doing some music projects lately. I did a 13 minute cover of “Goodbye Sky Harbor” by Jimmy Eat World, which was a blast. I also did a little cover of the Beatles “I’m Only Sleeping.” Fun little things to do. But still – nothing really original (cept for the sake of some minor musical changes). I guess they’ve been taking the place of writing as my creative outlet in the recent weeks. Maybe I’ll post them sometime.

I recently read a post by Chuck Wendig that if you write a mere 350 words a day for 5 days a week, something that sounds totally plausible, you will have written 91,000 words in a year.

I think that is a totally workable formula, even for someone like me who sometimes works three 12 hour shifts back-to-back-to-back. Well I just wanted to vent my frustration for a moment. Now if I could only get cracking. . .


5 responses to “Lazy or Uninspired?

  1. At least you’re being creative, Dana. The writing will come back, putting your frustration down on ‘paper’ may well help as well. Hmmm back to back to back 12 hour shifts? In your line of work? Sounds exhausting just writing it. It may just be that your brain is telling you it can handle the music but not the writing at the moment. I was going to say maybe you’re just getting old…but I’ve just turned 40 so that just makes me feel even older! 350 words a week is very plausible when you break it down like that. Would be keen to hear your music if you decide to share – you’ve already got me onside as I’m Only Sleeping is one of my favourite Beatles songs.

    • 40 isn’t old at all!
      It gets exhausting at times, but the three day weeks really get you some nice time off 🙂
      Perhaps I’ll post that song soon. I’m a little hesitant because I really don’t like what my own voice sounds like, but what the hell, right?

  2. Cheers Dana. Don’t feel old, which is the main thing! Ah, a 3 day week, got to get me one of those! We’re all a work in progress here Dana, and I don’t think anyone here is about judging others. Music is so much about the feeling, so if it feels good to you that will come across to the listener. So yeah, if it feels right, what the hell? I bet you’re better than you think anyway!

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