Break out the tin foil hats

I love a good conspiracy.

My wife and I were looking at new stories about Elisa Lam, the woman whose body was found in the water tank in an LA hotel. Somehow, we stumbled upon this video. Give it a look if you have a moment.

This guy is fascinating to me. He is throwing out all these facts and coincidences, but – as is the case with most conspiracy theories – there is no meat to what he is saying. He talks about “red flags” and things that are “right in our face,” but nowhere does he say what all this means. Nowhere does he reveal an actual conspiracy, but he seems to be hinting at something like this: The orchestrators of the recent TB outbreak in LA decided to dump the body of a woman whose name almost matched the test for TB, while somehow ensuring that the situation surrounding her death closely matched up with a rather poorly reviewed 2005 horror movie. Sounds legit, no?

If there were something going on here, why would the perpetrators (the ubiquitous them) leave any sort of clues whatsoever? And why would they choose a semi-obscure Hollywood movie in which to do it? Did someone ghostwrite Dark Water and make sure to hide all these clues, knowing they had a plan for the TB outbreak years later? And why not just block the security video from the hotel instead of release a piece of it?

Admittedly, the security camera video is bizarre and the circumstances around the death of Lam are certainly mysterious. I suppose that alone makes it a nice breeding ground for conspiracy.

Of course, going to the trouble to debunk any of this is really unnecessary. I guess it just interests me that people cling to these things. I actually think I’d be pretty good at making them up. Watch the news all day, delve into pop culture, gather coincidences, put them up on Youtube. Maybe . . .


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